5 Ways on How to Score a Six Pack for Women

5 Ways on How to Score a Six Pack for Women


What does it take to get a six-pack? Having a tight sculpted stomach is always desirable, yet somehow unattainable. For women, it might take a more robust workout but nothing’s impossible as long you have the patience and determination to achieve it. Here are 5 ways you can try to sculpt your abs into a six-pack:

  1. Start Small and Simple

Before you do the complex exercises, start doing simple exercises first that will help strengthen your core. Ensure that you have mastered the technique and proper posture needed so it will be easier for you when you go into more strenuous workouts. Practicing Pilates and beginner yoga are excellent ways to build strength on the core, increase flexibility, and manage your balance.

  1. Increase Your Cardio

Doing “fasted” cardio every morning will help burn fat stores in your body. You can do this by taking a light jog, a 45-minute power walk, or by just walking your dog in the morning.

  1. Alter Your Sessions Up

It is fun to challenge our body to new movements every once in a while. Our bodies are capable of adapting quickly to new stimuli, and it is wise to develop this further for agility and overall improved athletic performance. Moreover, it also helps in strengthening our core muscles.

Here are 5 core exercises you can do to achieve tight toned abs:

  • Plank and rotate
  • Quadruped
  • Bicycle crunch
  • Twisting wood chop with medicine ball
  • Jackknife sit-up
  1. Work in All Dimensions

For overall core toning, it is recommended to throw in movements that would incorporate all of your abdominal muscles. Exercises that include rotating, twisting, and turning your body are highly suggested.

You can also burn fat and shape your body by going to the gym and receive one-to-one training from experts. This way, you’ll be able to explore new exercises to challenge yourself in getting those six-pack abs and also ensure that you’re getting the most of every workout. You can explore new workout ways with Fitness First Hong Kong.

  1. Learn to Be Patient

Obviously, you won’t be able to achieve tight toned six-pack abs overnight. Focus on following a consistent workout plan and eating whole foods. Both will help you decrease your body fat over time. Make sure you’re not stressing yourself too much with the training. Instead, be patient and enjoy the journey to achieving your goal. Try working out with a buddy or get help from experts for encouragement and motivation.

More and more women are getting interested to get ripped six-pack abs. However, some are overpowered by fear of the strenuous exercise while some have misconceptions that training will turn your body to become bulky and muscle-bound. Scoring a six-pack is the result of having low body fat percentage, and you can achieve it without starting to look like a bodybuilder.

Don’t get too overwhelmed by the process. You can alter it into a fun and exciting journey as much as you like with the smart combination of diet and exercise. It is achievable for women as long as you practice a consistent regular exercise and healthy choices in life.

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