A Brief Note on Transactional SMS

A Brief Note on Transactional SMS


SMS Vendors are just like any other vendors. They are SMS Service Providers. They sell messages in bulk quantity and charge a price according to their policy. While some vendors charge six paise per message, others charge more than that.  There are different rates for different companies.

Things to look for while choosing a vendor

SMS Vendors in Delhi are professionals in their field, but there are some important points to consider when choosing an SMS Vendor whether the vendor delivers messages via shortcode or using SMS gateways. Any SMS Text messaging vendor worth working with should use a shortcode.  One must check if the vendor has Mobile Marketing professionals in staff? These are experts that are not only knowledgeable in the technical fields of the SMS Marketing but are also great at helping you deliver content that is appropriate to the medium.  SMS marketing is unique because of its extremely personal nature, and the message should be created with this in mind.  And finally, what the vendors’ customers say about their customer service.                        

What is transactional SMS and how they prove helpful?

Transactional SMS is the type of SMS Service that does not have any kind of promotional intentions. They just message the client to inform him about a service that the client is already using. It can be like a transaction that took place in the account of a client in the bank. The messages the bank sends its customer about the bank account and the SMS a client gets in his mobile when money is debited or credited in his account is all an example for Transactional SMS Service. Not only in Delhi but throughout the country, this facility is available on all leading banks and other enterprises. This is a very useful service for the customers as they will get the current status of their bank account or the service which they are using. Most of the people use this service nowadays. In Delhi also they use this facility for the smooth running of a company.

List of benefits of transactional SMS

Transactional SMS Delhi plays an important part in banking and telecom sector there. The companies are very careful in issuing Transactional SMS. If a transactional message contains any type of promotional content, they issue a heavy fine against the company. So the companies are very careful not to send any type of promotional message in the transactional SMS. These messages are useful as they let the customers know about the service they are using without actually going to the company. For example, a customer can know their available balance in their bank account without actually going to the bank. They will just receive a message after each transaction showing how much money is transferred and what the remaining balance is.

Transactional SMS being an important part of any such banking or telecom sector is known by all the customers and clients. Though the general public knows about this and uses it themselves, they might not know about how it works or what exactly it is.

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