All You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimisation

All You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimisation

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In the digital world, the importance of SEO or search engine optimisation cannot be overemphasised. This importance is owned to just one thing: the “internet of things” or IoT (IoT refers to the network of machines that uses electricity, software, actuator and internet connectivity. It is a system through which all these devices exchange data).

SEO is the marketing strategy a digital marketing company employs to increase the visibility of their website. In other words, when contents are searched using an organic search engine, organisations employ SEO to ensure that the contents on their website are among the most visible. The aim is to increase the flow of traffic  to their websites.

What this implies is that the success of any organisation is hinged on SEO. It can either make an organisation to succeed brilliantly,  or fail woefully. When an organisation makes search optimisation efforts, they do this because they know that it is important for generating traffic on their website. Traffic creates public awareness for their products and services which in turn help increasing their sales or revenue. Their revenue increases because when the public becomes aware of their products and services, it helps attract more customers. To promote your brand and make the public aware of what you do, there is no better to do it than through SEO.

Well, it is worthy of note that SEO isn’t as simple as it sounds. There is a lot more to it. People who carry out search engine optimisation undergo training regularly to increase their skills and up their games.  Nonetheless, the basics can be understood. Understanding the basics can make a great difference to your business. If you want to increase your knowledge on it, you can. There are a lot of available resources you can take advantage of. In no time, you can become a search engine optimisation guru.

So, how does SEO works?

SEO is done to make your website search engine friendly, thus increasing the possibility of you site being seen when searches are done.

Let me explain further.

There are ways of locating a website. The most basic way is when you know the site’s URL address. You can also locate the site from social media; the website must have been linked to the social media account, else the link is posted there. When the URL of social media account is not known, the only available option then will be to make a search through search engines using particular keywords related to the products or services offered by the organisation that runs the website. When this is done, the search engine generates a list of websites containing the information you need. You should know that the first three sites that appears on the first page gets the most traffic.

With search engine optimisation, you can include your website among the first three, or the first page at most. When it’s not done right, it is most likely that finding your site by users will seem like finding a needle in an haystack. Therefore, SEO is about increasing your sites visibility by making use of the right keywords.

As mentioned earlier,  There is a lot more to SEO.  You can take time to search for necessary resource materials online.

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