Do you think that babies are known to have knee caps?

Do you think that babies are known to have knee caps?


If you are an individual who has gone on to spend considerable amount of toddlers then the obvious fact is that you will be aware that braking and standing are possible much before. Babies tend to canter around in the room with their own set of navigational impulses and bouncing off from the floors or the walls. Be aware that the early phase of toddling happens to be all about crashes and falls.

You ought to give it to the toddlers for their ability to keep on ticking and ticking. Till they see someone react to their fall with a sense of fear they bounce back with a smile on their face. Their next reaction would be to jump over to the next movable object that comes in front of them.

Are babies born with knee caps, let us find answers to this question? When it comes to toddling knees will take a major chunk of the damage. You could say that they are designed for it. The knees are indefinable, soft and at the same time easy to touch. Be it your age in the group of 2 or 92, the knees are going to work a lot harder in order to help you move around. It does appear to be an important joint that is formed by the intersection of femur, tibia along with the patella.

In the case of adults there around 206 bones, in case of babies they start off with a skeletal mix of 300 different cartilage elements along with bones. There are various types of adult bones known as cranium that emerge in various segments. At the time of birth this has 3 infused plates that pave way for the passage of the baby through the birth canal. In due course of time they fuse into a single plate.

The bones tend to start off as cartilage and many of them are so at the time of birth. In due course of time the cartilage turns on to bone by the process of ossification. Once the cartilage goes on to develop a nutrient artery starts forming on to it. A lot of new blood vessels tend to arrive in the cartilage narrowing down the  nutrient artery whereby nutrients are scattered all around the bone.

Though it may not reveal in the x rays, the baby knee caps are there. But the point is that there are not bony knee caps. At the time of birth they are cartilage and they still remain so for the next few years. The spills that the kid is going to take would not be knee breakers, which mean sponge breakers. Once the child is between 3 to 5 years old, the plates of cartilage would have been ossified into big sized knee caps. This would be incorporated from real bone. Once after each year once the bone goes on to lose the bounce the spills would go on to become lesser.

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