Get white teeth with whitening by photoactivation

Get white teeth with whitening by photoactivation


If you want to show perfect white teeth, you have to know one of the revolutionary techniques that will help you achieve this: tooth whitening by photoactivation.

Still do not know what it is? It is a very effective method that will help you show off a  bleached denture in just one session. One of the treatments that we offer you from Sanitas and with which you will get a smile of heart attack.

Whitening teeth with teeth whitening by photo activation

If lately you have noticed that the enamel of your teeth is more yellowish or with spots, then you need a whitening. But currently, in the field of medicine and dental care, new technologies allow for better benefits and, precisely, that is what allows us to whiten teeth by photoactivation.

Characteristics of this treatment

  • It clarifies from 4 to 10 tones : depending on the dental situation of each patient, this treatment will allow a surprising result thanks to which you can download from 4 to 10 tones.
  • A single session : also to be able to show perfect white teeth you will not need more than a 45 minute session. In this time, you will be able to show a much cleaner and more beautiful smile.
  • In all teeth, simultaneously : another characteristic of professional teeth whitening by photoactivation is that it is a treatment that can be performed on the entire mouth at the same time. That is, it will not go tooth by tooth, but it can be done at the same time and, thus, save time.

Tips for tooth whitening by photoactivation

Do you want to try this whitening treatment? You have to know that it is one of the most revolutionary methods and that, in just one session, you will achieve impressive results.

Of course, for the result to be what you are looking for, it is important that you keep in mind the following tips:

In the consultation of a professional: unlike other methods of teeth whitening , in this it is essential to go to reliable dental clinic in Dubai. The reason is that, during this treatment, not only the ivory is bleached but also the soft tissues have to be isolated and a gel applied by means of a cold light source.

No decay : any type of bleaching method must be done when the mouth is in perfect health, ie there can be no tooth decay or tartar or any oral or dental disease.

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How is this treatment done to whiten teeth?

This treatment must be done by a professional so that, as a result, the final result is as expected. As we have previously pointed out, in order to be able to do this treatment, the soft tissues have to be isolated, that is, the palate, the tongue and the gums. Once it has been isolated, the professional will be responsible for applying the bleaching agent on all the teeth at the same time.

There are different products to whiten the teeth but, normally, the most used is photoactivatable hydrogen peroxide , since it achieves a much more intense and visible action. In addition, this product, when combined with cold light, manages to reduce and lighten any stain.

Beyond this, the products used for bleaching are not abrasive and, therefore, respect tooth enamel as much as possible.

Other complementary treatments

In addition to tooth whitening by photoactivation, it is recommended that, in order to achieve better results, you supplement this method with others that you can do at home. Your dentist will be in charge of recommending the best treatment to follow, but it is usually done using dental splints and carbamide peroxide gel.

These treatments are usually done for a week and they manage to improve the results and keep them for longer.

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