Some interesting facts about breast surgery

Some interesting facts about breast surgery


What is breast cancer? It means a malignant tumour that has emerged in the breast cells. After skin cancer it does appear to be the most common type of cancer in women. It has been seen that this form of cancer is 100 times more common in women than in men. But the difficult part is that in case of men the diagnosis tends to be a bit on the poor side. When the breast cancer surgery takes place you remove the tumour affected region around with the surrounding tissue. In the process the final outcome would be to conserve the breast as far as possible.

Preparation for the surgery

When you are preparing for the surgery it does involve a lot of stress. Though as far as the breast cancer treatment in India is concerned there are some tips which you can follow.

First and foremost you would need to meet the surgeon and discuss how the process of surgery is going to take place. What are the duration of heeling and how long the phase of recovery is going to be after treatment? It would be prudent on your part to obtain a second opinion. In most cases it is necessary from an insurance point of view. Most likely they are going to confirm the earlier stance or might provide you with a new advice.

There is no better bet than asking questions. Do ask the surgeon as many questions about breast cancer and the situation you are finding yourself at. Do ask them the stage of cancer you find you at and then ask them the treatment options. The recurrence or side effects of the cancer are also important at this point of time. You would also need to discuss about the breast sparing or the total removal of the breast. Do ask the surgeon on what their view point would be in removal of the breast. This has to be in anticipation of the second tumour as well.

Just discuss with them the options of breast reconstruction before the surgery is about to take place. Do ask them on how the procedure is going to be performed. In the meantime you would need to understand the phase of recovery as well.

The precautions

As far as the breast cancer surgery involves it is basically an outpatient process. There are some guidelines that you would need to follow

  • It is suggested that you keep the surgical area clean and dry as far as possible
  • Do not undertake any hard core physical activities for 4 weeks after the surgery . After that also seek the opinion of the doctor before intense physical work
  • It is suggested that you do not life anything and something not more than 5 pounds at a single go. This could be even longer as instructed by the doctor as well.

India happens to be the popular option in terms of breast cancer surgery. The quality of surgeons are of the top draw in this part of the world.

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