Why Caffeine should be avoided during Your Pregnancy?

Why Caffeine should be avoided during Your Pregnancy?


Coffee, tea, chocolate, soda water, some energy drinks, and some medicines contain caffeine. Caffeine acts as a stimulant in your body. Caffeine can increase your heart rate, blood pressure and amount of urine. You can feel trouble for sleeping and indigestion. Caffeine takes a longer time to break down during your pregnancy and it may affect your pregnancy. When you intake caffeine through any kind of food during your pregnancy, it passed to the fetus through placenta which grows inside the uterus. In the pregnancy period, the fetus gets nutrients and oxygen supplied by placenta through the umbilical cord. In this period, your baby’s body is in developing condition. Caffeine can cause side effects on your pregnancy including your baby’s growth.

Effects of caffeine during pregnancy

Caffeine can cause several harmful effects due to coffee and chocolate while pregnant women intake these items. Some of these harmful effects are:

  • Pregnancy miscarriage: If you intake a high amount of caffeine in your pregnancy period, it can cause pregnancy miscarriage at an early stage. You should have to avoid consumption of caffeine from the first trimester of your pregnancy.
  • Retardation of growth: Caffeine can adversely effect on the development of your baby’s brain and the growth of organs during your pregnancy.
  • The toxic effect on the cardiovascular system: Arrhythmia, increasing heart rate or irregular heartbeat which are related to cardiovascular system can cause in your baby due to the use of caffeine during your pregnancy period.
  • Anemia: Deficiency of hemoglobin or red blood cells in your blood can cause anemia. Due to the intake of caffeine your blood cannot absorb iron from the nutrients. Iron is essential to maintain red blood cells in your body and prevent anemia.
  • Cause cancer: Intake of more amount of caffeine can create the risks to cancer for your fetus.

Safer alternatives to reduce intake of caffeine

  • You can follow some alternatives to reduce the intake of caffeine and these are:
  • If you consume a small cup of coffee or tea, it helps to stay hydrated during your pregnancy period.
  • You can drink a little amount of coffee with more amount of milk. It will help to get calcium and protein as nutrients at the time of your pregnancy.
  • You can include milk product and milk in your diet. It will provide calcium, protein and vitamin B12. You can drink lassi mixing with your favorite fruit. You can add buttermilk in your diet. It will help to reduce your gastric problems. Then, you can maintain a healthy digestive system at the time of your pregnancy. You can drink buttermilk and lassi to get a coolant effect in summer.
  • You can make homemade fruit juice enriched with Vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant.
  • You can include high fiber contained fruits or seed and dry fruits to get enough omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and protein. These will help to maintain good health condition of you and your baby during your pregnancy.
  • You can consume vegetable juices to maintain the perfect nutrients levels while you are pregnant.

You should have to avoid coffee and chocolate during pregnancy to reduce the bad effects of caffeine.

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